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Changes on the wind

Merry meet travelers!

I, the Medium have come to speak with you again. Many apologies for the delay in contact, rudeness such as this should never be abided. However; I must beg your forgiveness, as I was overcome by one of the dark spirits we summoned from beyond the veil. Its darkness spread to the very depths of my soul, and I fear I had to flee for a time so that we could battle this new demon.

Now that we are beyond that unpleasantness, on to what is important to you, theHaunted's readers and fans!

We were finally able to motivate Unghh, our corporate zombie to tie our website to an official domain. You can now find us at!

Exciting, truly exciting!

The next order of business, we are working on the next round of tales, as well as a normal release schedule. Please understand that the dead do not always speak. You know the olde adage, "dead men tell no tales." It may not be an entirely true sentiment, but yet, it holds to some merit.

With our next release, we will also be creating a game so to speak. We will, from time to time, share very very true stories. Most of the time, our stories will be tales created by the dead. Not necessarily true, perhaps, fictional.

The task will be for you, my dear Reader, to determine whether or not the tale is true. We will rely on your help Reader, for these spirits may often be mischievous or spiteful. Well, maybe not Eep. Eep has always been a kind and honest soul. Alastor on the other hand...

Ahh, I fear we are out of time Readers... Until the next update, we bid you a fond farewell.

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