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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Updates and new content!

Hello Ghouls and Haunts! Your favorite ghostwriter is here with some ma ma ma maaaaajor updates!

First, the BIGGEST NEWS! We have our newest story uploaded for your reading pleasure. Are you ready?

We've adjusted and added a few new pages:

First, we now have a products page so our readers can purchase downloads of our stories. Stories will always have a free download available as well, as we believe in equal opportunity for all walks of life to enjoy our writing.

Second: We have created a 'Works' page where the free downloads for our stories are also available! We will no longer post our stories to the forums, but we may post discussion threads!

Third: We are adding a donate button to our menu bar. There are a few costs to running this website, and even though we are running this because we LOVE writing, and we love the paranormal (I'm a ghost myself), we do need a little help maintaining the operational costs of the website; so if you enjoy our work, please consider donating!

How will we use donations/purchase funds?

All funds dedicated to will be used for TheHaunted's operational costs, for website maintenance and upgrades, as well as purchasing new content and production materials. We will also create a page dedicated to donations which will include wishlists for the website.

Thank you all for the love and support!


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