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Our Apologies!

Hello my Ghouls and Haunts!

We've been meaning to work on new content, but unfortunately theMedium has been missing lately, and I've been a sad ghostwriter. :'(

We've been working on Interview with a Demon with Alastor Glione, but unfortunately, he's not been super cooperative. Demons are silly, especially when they've become human. So we're putting that specific project on hiatus for now and will start working on another one.

Which project? Well, starting Sunday, I'll be working with Unghh (Jim) on diving back into The Suicide Tales. We will also be rebranding the stories as they are taking on a different direction than the original intention. Who would have thought that the first tale would spin into our origin story! Of course some names and details had to be changed for sure! The Suicide Tales will be rebranded to TheHaunted. We will still uncover the stories of the self-dead, but we will do so as theMedium continues their investigations.

We expect a chapter 3 release for early-mid March.

We'll keep you posted, but until then, stay Haunted!


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